Diamond Stamp focuses on engagements with organizations in a variety of ways that not only contribute to our mission accessibility and provide shared value to our partners. We have made some significant impact on our initiatives since inception less than a year ago, specifically in:

Maternal Health

There is significant inequity in maternal health, with high morbidity rates and postpartum issues that are not adequately addressed with traditional healthcare options. We are partnering with the March of Dimes Local Collective Impact Initiative to reduce preterm births, maternal morbidity rates and other inequities facing mothers and babies. We also support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in their continuing efforts to address the health needs of children regardless of their financial abilities. 

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)

Since our inception, we have campaigned for families suffering from the effect of GBS. We are currently in the process of assisting an adult GBS patient with support and care to help in his healing journey. Mobility, sustainability, and mental health are all things that need to be restabilized after this impact.

Advancing equitable outcomes for moms and babies
March of Dimes and our partners are mobilizing at the national and community-level to improve the health of families by reducing maternal mortality, maternal morbidity and preterm births across the U.S. and closing the health equity gap.
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